February 13, 2014

Why Twitter Is Helpful When Preparing For Blog Conferences


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If you have a blog and are planning on attending a blog conference, you obviously understand what social media is. But just because you have a blog doesn’t mean that you are into all aspects of social media, specifically Twitter.

Many bloggers have never even visited Twitter and just as many bloggers have a Twitter account, but never use it.  So if you have an account but don’t remember the password, *you* are in this group!

Shouldn’t blogging be enough? Why is Twitter helpful when preparing for blog conferences?

  • Connecting: Sure you will be connecting with other bloggers in person at the blog conferences, but how nice would it be to have conversations with some attendees before you get there? Instant connection and camaraderie can be helpful when you are nervous about entering a room full of people you’ve never met.
  • Finding a Roommate: If you are looking to cut down on costs for blogging conferences, you may want to consider finding a roomie. We’ve just established that most of us go to these conferences not knowing anyone, which can make finding a roommate harder. You can check out each conference’s forum or Facebook page or our forum to connect with others looking for a roomie, or you can hop on Twitter and send out a tweet using the conference’s hashtag (find conference-specific hashtags here) or #ConferenceNewbie. That is how I found my roommate for Blissdom and she has since become a good friend!
  • Updates and Information: Most blog conferences have their own Twitter accounts or hashtags. They use these to inform people of updates, registration information, and to talk about the conference in general. While they usually send out emails with information, you will get up-to-the-minute updates by being on Twitter, and sometimes that alone can save you tons of money at conferences (for example, if early-bird registrations are announced or great airfare/hotel deals. I also RT this information on Twitter as it becomes available and list in on the dates-to-know calendar).
  • Deals on Items You Need To Bring: Think you can just pack a bag, hop on a plane, and show up at the conference with nothing but a wallet and a smile? Well, of course you can, but you’d probably feel a bit unprepared. You need to bring your blogging gear, business cards, comfortable shoes, and the list goes on and on. This can definitely get expensive! Many companies and bloggers will host giveaways or discounts/deals on items you may want to have with you at blog conference and many advertise these on Twitter. Again, another reason why Twitter can end up saving you money!
  • Conference Ticket Giveaways: Looking to save money on the conference ticket itself yet don’t have a sponsor? Ticket giveaways are often announced and publicized on Twitter. For instance, Blog Conference Newbie’s Type-A Mom ticket giveaway (entry period ends tomorrow, 9/1!). For this giveaway, it was announced on Twitter and entrants can encourage friends to vote for them during the voting period by having them tweet their support to get more voters. Sometimes someone is giving away their ticket last minute because they’re unable to go or sometimes it’s a sponsor or brand (or the conference itself) giving away tickets. Whatever the case, you’ll be sure to catch the news faster if you’re on Twitter.
  • Twitter Parties: Some conferences or sponsors hold Twitter parties prior to conferences. Another way to connect with others, but also a way to get to know a bit about the sponsors beforehand. This may provide you with some insight to ponder before chatting with them in person. Food for thought so-to-speak.
  • Preparation Tips: Many people write pre-conference posts sharing insights, tips, or even nerves and they send the link out via Twitter. While we offer tips and posts on that topic here, you will find great thoughts from your peers as well by checking out their posts. And you may even find a new blog to start reading regularly!

If those reasons weren’t enough to persuade you to get on Twitter or dust off your old account, then the sheer excitement and contagious giddiness should. Whether you’re attending a conference or not, watching and engaging in the excitement is ridiculously fun! And of course, following the hashtag during the conference can provide a lot of information and insight from those live-tweeting.

Want to learn more about what Twitter is and how to use it? I recommend Twitter for Dummies* or the post on how to stay out of Twitter Jail (yes, there is such a place!). And don’t forget to say hi when you get on Twitter!

What tips do you have about Twitter…
Basic tips or tips on how Twitter is handy for blog & social media conferences? Share your thoughts!

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  1. Twitter is GREAT!
    It is a great place to learn about conferences and tweet out blog posts about upcoming conferences and in general a great place to hang out and make new friends!
    i heart Twitter so.
    I hope Twitter never goes away!

  2. Excellent article (as always)! I adore Twitter and am on daily and always find it so fun, helpful, and supportive. Not sure who to follow? Start with some of your favorite bloggers and look to see who they are having conversations with and follow those folks too. Using a tool like TweetDeck is agreat too for creating multiple feed streams to easily track different types of folks.

    • UnexperiencedMom says:

      And great feedback as usual! That is usually how I find new people to follow as well. And following streams?! You should see my Hootsuite…it’s ridonkulous! I probably have about 20 streams in total I follow. ;-)

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