February 8, 2014

Weddings, Birth Plans, and Blogging Conferences

By Janna

I recently got my “bliss” on at Blissdom 2010. Leading up to the conference, I was so excited about attending and meeting bloggers in real life (and seeing Harry Connick Jr.), that it wasn’t until a week before the conference I realized, “I only know a handful of these ladies from online. I haven’t met a single soul in person!”

However, I like to think rationally, and stay level headed so I thought back to another potentially stressful time – my wedding. I knew what was supposed to happen, and what I wanted to have happen, but what would REALLY happen. Or how about childbirth? Anybody out there stress over a birth plan and then toss the whole thing out when the labor pains started?

So, here’s what I concluded:

  • Have some expectations of what will happen.
  • Read the tips that others give.
  • Prepare as you see fit. And THEN…
  • Plan that if all of this goes exactly opposite of what you expected to, to still enjoy it and still learn from it.

Sometimes the unexpected makes the better blog post anyway. Oh, and by the way, I was elated with my experience at Blissdom. I met some amazing women who have been a source of real encouragement and inspiration as well as practical information to help me improve as a blogger. If you are ruling out the idea of attending a conference because you are worried about the unknown, do not delay any longer! If you bring an attitude prepared to enjoy and glean the most you can of whatever is given to you, your conference experience is sure to be a success.

About the Author:
Janna is a 30-something mother of a toddler who still likes to jump off the high dive alongside the preteens in their Hannah Montana swimsuits, and makes her own bubble wands. She is passionate about parenting in a purposeful manner and reading quality children’s books to her daughter every day. You can find her at The Adventure of Motherhood praying and laughing her through the waterfalls of laughter and mountaintops of joy!

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