August 12, 2014

TypeAParent Conference Recap Links #typeacon


Tweet If you weren’t able to go to TypeAParent Conference this weekend do not dispair. You will be able to access all of these amazing recaps and session notes that I’m gathering up for you that these amazing bloggers have compiled for you. Crafting a Book Proposal by Ellen Gerstein and Amy Fandrei – This [...]

Type-A Parent 2011 Black Friday Ticket Special

Tweet Type-A Parent 2011, formerly known as Type-A Mom Conference, just announced that they are releasing some extra-special low-priced conference tickets today for their Black Friday special. But you have to act fast because tickets are limited and this is the lowest price you’ll ever see for them! A conference pass is going for just [...]

Share Your Type-A Mom Experiences

Tweet After a blog or social media conference, there is almost as much buzz as there is before the event. People are excited to talk about what they learned and apply it to their blog/site. And of course, the new connections continue to grow once the conference is over. Because this site is a resource [...]

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