February 9, 2014

Don’t Sell Yourself Short

When asked about my blog, I would shrug the question off and say something like “Well, I don’t really have any readers,” or “I’m probably the smallest blog at this conference.” I realized once I got home and began reading other peoples’ re-cap posts that I had consistently sold myself short—to myself, to other bloggers, to companies and PR professionals in attendance. So here’s my advice to YOU!

Weddings, Birth Plans, and Blogging Conferences

I recently got my “bliss” on at Blissdom 2010. Leading up to the conference, I was so excited about attending and meeting bloggers in real life (and seeing Harry Connick Jr.), that it wasn’t until a week before the conference I realized, “I only know a handful of these ladies from online. I haven’t met a single soul in person!”

Newbie Tips To Make The Most of Conferences

To Do List

I see it at every conference—wide-eyed newbies with entirely too much knowledge crammed in their head and a stack of business cards they have no clue how to handle. Don’t panic! We’re here to walk you through the entire experience.

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