August 13, 2014

BlogHer 2012 Conference Recap

New York City Skyline at Blogher 2012

Tweet Blogher 2012 hit New York City this past weekend and the blogosphere is buzzing with reactions. Over 4500 bloggers and hundreds of brands gathered at the Hilton New York for a weekend jam-packed with classes, parties, and other events. A few of the highlights of this year’s BlogHer conference were hearing from President Barack [...]

Am I Doing The Wrong Things On My Blog?

Lots of helpful information and advice were shared during the conference. But, as the day went on, I began to hear the speakers in terms of a big list of do’s and don’ts. And, I started to panic. Because, I don’t do all the “right” things on my blog; I do some of the “wrong” things.

Conference Newbie to Semi-Pro in 5 Weeks

Mandy & Marissa

In January I was a conference virgin. I had read all about them on other blogs and on Twitter, but had never been to one in person. The excitement that seems to swirl around them was intoxicating to me. I wanted a piece of the action – partly to see what the all the hubbub was, and partly to really learn about becoming a better blogger.

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