March 1, 2015

Sponsorship 101: Final Thoughts On Blog Conference Sponsorships

Tweet Hopefully the Sponsorship 101 series has been helpful or at the very least, gave you more confidence to try for blog conference sponsorships. A lot of information was presented, so if it felt a bit overwhelming, read each section separately and let it sink in! Pitching for sponsorship takes practice, just as any other [...]

Sponsorship 101: Working With Sponsors Isn’t Just About Promoting

Tweet Today Blog Conference Newbie Guide’s “Sponsorship 101″ series continues with the topic of how to work with your sponsor in ways you might not have previously thought about. Many seem to focus solely on promotional efforts when it comes to partnering with their sponsor. However, doing so glosses over another important way to bring [...]

Sponsorship 101: Promoting Your Sponsor Appropriately At Blog Conferences

shirt - picapp

Tweet The second post in this “Sponsorship 101″ series on Blog Conference Newbie Guide delves into how to promote your brand at blog conferences while still adhering to personal sponsorship guidelines. (If you missed the first post in the series, go back and read Sponsorship 101: How To Get A Sponsor) “I’ve read the personal [...]

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