August 12, 2014

Reader’s Feedback Wanted!

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Guest Post: Cutting Blog Conference Costs

Tweet By Melissa In October, I was able to attend my first blogging conference, thanks to sponsorship that paid for my hotel at the conference, gas, and conference ticket.  While I was very excited and pleased that I received sponsorship, I still needed to pay for my hotel and dining on the way to and [...]

Sponsorship 101: Promoting Your Sponsor Appropriately At Blog Conferences

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Tweet The second post in this “Sponsorship 101″ series on Blog Conference Newbie Guide delves into how to promote your brand at blog conferences while still adhering to personal sponsorship guidelines. (If you missed the first post in the series, go back and read Sponsorship 101: How To Get A Sponsor) “I’ve read the personal [...]

Guest Post: Preparing for a Blogging Conference That’s “Different”


Tweet By Patti Londre By now, many bloggers have made the trek to attend a conference. The tweets about what to wear and which camera equipment to lug, laptop pros and cons go wild a few weeks leading up to each conference. But trends are also happening where blogger conferences aren’t just held in hotels [...]

How to Effectively Network Before, During & After Conferences

Tweet By Kay Lynn Akers Many bloggers are shy and worried about attending their first blogging conference. The stress reminds me a lot of being the new kid at school. I felt that way when I signed up for the Savvy Blogging Summit last spring and learned a lot about networking in the blogging world. [...]

Reader Feedback Wanted!

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