March 1, 2015

Blissdom Recaps And Free Handouts

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Tweet Blissdom Speaker Resources You Have to Check Out . Shelly Kramer shared some information from her writing workshop about things you should do before you hit publish. CC Chapman wrote a very nice thank you with a fresh podcast about stepping out into the unknown. Jeff Goins made his slides available and some other [...]

Books By Speakers For Blissdom Writing Workshop

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Tweet The Writer’s Workshop Speakers for Blissdom have some books available that you might be interested in. Don’t wait until the conference to begin learning from these amazing speakers! Annie Downs’ session is “Write Now: How To Write Wisely Through All Seasons.” She is the author of Perfectly Unique: Praising God from Head to Foot [...]

Books By Speakers For Blissdom 2013

Blissdom book roundup

Tweet The Life Development and Keynote Speakers for Blissdom have some books available that you might be interested in. Don’t wait until the conference to begin learning from these amazing speakers! Jon Acuff will be a keynote speaker,  leading a session called The 3 Stages Of Every Awesome Idea, and working hands-on with attendees. He is the [...]

Blissdom Notes and Recap Link-Up


Tweet Last week 750+ women (and men) descended into Nashville for Blissdom, the premier blogging conference in Tennessee. Now, this is not just an ordinary conference for women; this is a gathering for women who find and express their bliss online. With this in mind, you may be wondering who attends Blissdom, right? Well, generally, [...]

Breaking News – Blissdom At Home

Tweet Were you one of the people bummed that you couldn’t make it to Blissdom 2011 (like me!)? Did you go, but spend part of the conference in your room nursing a baby (or cold) and therefore missed a session or two? Did you have a hard time choosing which track to attend and wished [...]

The Blogging Gold Rush

Tweet By Denise Hundreds of thousands of people migrated to California during the Gold Rush of the mid 19th century in hopes of striking it rich.  While a number of those people did strike gold, in reality it was the people who were selling them the pans and helping them stake their claims that made [...]

Guest Post: Tips For Conference Newbies From A Former Newbie

Tweet By Sara My blog, Saving For Someday, went live January 2nd, 2010. I’d been out of blogging for a few years, and in that time a lot of things changed. Including blogging. A week after launching my blog I bought a ticket to Blissdom ’10. Two weeks later I was landing in Nashville. I [...]

Blissdom Goes To Canada!

Tweet If you’ve never experienced Blissdom before, you don’t know what you’re missing! I can speak personally about the fun I had, the fabulous friends I made, and the wealth of information I gained this past February at the Blissdom Conference in TN. If you weren’t able to make it or just can’t get enough [...]

Weddings, Birth Plans, and Blogging Conferences

I recently got my “bliss” on at Blissdom 2010. Leading up to the conference, I was so excited about attending and meeting bloggers in real life (and seeing Harry Connick Jr.), that it wasn’t until a week before the conference I realized, “I only know a handful of these ladies from online. I haven’t met a single soul in person!”

Blissdom Recap: Vlog Style

Hollee Schwartz Temple talks about her experience as a conference newbie at Blissdom in this vlog recap.

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