March 1, 2015

Sponsorship 101: Final Thoughts On Blog Conference Sponsorships

Hopefully the Sponsorship 101 series has been helpful or at the very least, gave you more confidence to try for blog conference sponsorships.

A lot of information was presented, so if it felt a bit overwhelming, read each section separately and let it sink in! Pitching for sponsorship takes practice, just as any other task does, so go easy on yourself the first few times. The more you connect with brands and pitch sponsorship and other partnership ideas, the more comfortable and confident you will become with it.

Blog Conference Guide: Blog Conference NewbieWhile you can access the Sponsorship 101 series via this website (as the entire series will sit on the server forever!), I realize it’s sometimes useful to have this kind of a guide in one spot; all together. Since the Sponsorship 101 series was written in a step-by-step format with helpful tips peppered throughout, BCN decided that offering it in a guidebook format might be helpful to all of you.

Therefore, if you’re interested in utilizing the Sponsorship 101 Guidebook, you can download it here for FREE! Kind of an e-book, sort of a manual….call it whatever you’d like. The guide is a compilation of posts from this series as well as a few *additional* tips included in the handy “tip sheet” section.

My goal on this site is to serve as a resource; to offer tips and insight. Thanks to everyone who’s inspired this series (especially all of you who’ve asked sponsorship questions!) and those who’ve helped promote it.  If this series has been helpful, feel free to share it with others – after all, knowledge is power!

Sponsorship 101 Series Guidebook*:

Sponsorship 101 Series from BCN

Have you found the Sponsorship 101 Series helpful?
Let us know what you thought of it!

*This guidebook, along with all of the content on this site is copyrighted by Blog Conference Newbie Guide or authors of guest posts.

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  1. I have found the series VERY useful. I am a new blogger but not new to reading and following blogs. Once you start writing one, there are a lot of social media items that are difficult to grasp or just cumbersome for a beginner.

    I would like to go to a blog conference and I have been reading this blog and have so many notes, I would LOVE to have this in one {printed} place. The information is invaluable. Almost like having my own personal blogging mentor.

    Wishing upon a star for this one :)

    • UnexperiencedMom says:

      So glad you’ve found the series (and site) helpful! If you have any questions along the way, don’t hesitate to reach out. A lot of things in blogging can seem like a mystery, or like you said, hard to grasp, so it’s my goal to help “demystify” things!

      Keeping fingers crossed for you! Make sure you’ve downloaded the guidebook via the link in the post to help! ;-)

  2. LaTonya says:

    This was the best information. It was informative and enlightening, and so doable! A lot of information that’s out there, isn’t doable. It should be called Conference Sponsorship 101 For Dummies.

    • UnexperiencedMom says:

      Thanks for the positive feedback and so glad you’ve found the information helpful AND doable! May have to write a book someday with that title. ;-) Thanks again for your support and good luck with continuing to get sponsorships!

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