August 12, 2014

Share Your Type-A Mom Experiences

After a blog or social media conference, there is almost as much buzz as there is before the event. People are excited to talk about what they learned and apply it to their blog/site. And of course, the new connections continue to grow once the conference is over.

Because this site is a resource for those attending (or hoping to attend) conferences, sharing your experiences at events is truly valuable. Even if someone has already attended a conference, they may not have attended the specific one you just came back from, such as Type-A Mom, and would love to know more about it in order to consider it for next year’s schedule.

Type A Mom ConferenceIf you went to Type-A Mom and have a recap post written, Blog Conference Newbie would love to have you link up below to share your post with those interested in blog conferences! The link-up will be open for a couple of weeks, so no worries if you haven’t found the time to write one yet.

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