March 1, 2015

BlogHer Posts From YOU: Tips, Guides, & Fun!

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BlogHer is within reach. Less than a week away now (like I need to tell you allĀ  that!)

The #BlogHer10 Twitter stream is buzzing with pre-BlogHer posts, filled with tips, insights, and even anxiety. With so many posts and such limited time, I am listing some posts I recommend reading as you prepare for BlogHer. Also, @ScrappinMichele created an Unofficial BlogHer 2010 Agenda Online Calendar for you to use. And directly from BlogHer, here are links to a BlogHer Pre-Conference Guide, agenda, and other helpful tips.

Helpful Tips & Insights

A Girlfriend’s Guide to BlogHer by @mommyniri

Culture Mom BlogHer Tips by @culturemomblog

BlogHer ’10: My Tiny Bit of Advice for Newbies & Not-So-Newbies by @rockdrool

A Newbies Guide to BlogHer by @ScaryMommy

Momtrends Ultimate Guide to NYC by @momtrends

Fun Posts:

BlogHer Approacheth: Preparing to Be Fake by @MammaMania

My Guide to BlogHer by @KBestOliver

My Green BlogHer by @CathyISReal

Come To BlogHer With Me (Sort Of) Contest by @TheNextMartha

BlogHer10: Blogging About Blogging by @OhMommy

10 Reasons I’m Excited For BlogHer by @AudreyMcclellan

Since I have not yet been to BlogHer myself, I don’t have my own tips to add about this specific conference. But having most recently been to Blissdom, I thought I’d share (courtesy of Mrs. Fussypants) a video montage from Blissdom 2010. Check out blog conference fashion and fun and get psyched up for BlogHer.

BlissDom Conference 2010 from Blissful Media Group on Vimeo.

Let the countdown begin!

If you’ve written a BlogHer post, link up here so others can stop by to visit, read, and make new friends! And don’t forget to enter the Twitter necklace giveaway!


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  1. Lori V. says:

    Thank you so much for your website. I can forsee it becoming a favorite as I enter the conference scene as a newbie!

    I did enter the contest @Thenextmartha – I really want to win! Go to the link here:

    And then look for my name: lorivann and press the thumbs up button to vote for me!

    Good chatting w/ you on the show earlier!

    • (Un)Experienced Mom says:

      Heading to vote for you now! Good luck! I know at Blissdom those cut-out people were hilarious! Thanks for stopping by and glad you find the site so helpful. Let me know if you ever have any questions!

  2. I am attending my first BlogHer next week and can’t figure out whether all these pre-posts are reassuring (know what to expect!) or incredibly intimidating (so much shopping and primping! so many people who already know one another!). But that doesn’t mean I’ll stop reading them. In other words, thanks for the round-up.

    • UnexperiencedMom says:

      You’re welcome! My advice? If you start to feel TOO overwhelmed by the parties and aren’t enjoying them, hang back from a few and take a break. Amazing what a little breather will do for the sanity! ;-) Enjoy and can’t wait to hear your thoughts when you get back….

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