March 5, 2015

Choosing the Right Blogging Conference

When you enter the world of blogging conferences, it is easy to become overwhelmed. Let’s begin at the beginning—which conference is right for you? Only you can answer that question, since the “right” conference will be different for each person, niche and blog. There are, however, a few things to consider as you narrow down your options.

Guest Post by DadaRocks: Dad Blogger POV

Dada Rocks logo

Tweet The following is a previously published post by @DadaRocks. He has graciously given permission to republish it here to express his thoughts on being a “dad” blogger in a predominently female industry and at a blogging conference. Enjoy! Daddy Stands Out In a Crowd I wasn’t really going to write about BlogHer here too [...]

Business Cards For Blog Conferences

Tweet It never fails; as blog and social media conferences inch closer on our calendars, people start to panic a bit. They want to make sure they have everything they need to ensure the experience is all that it can be. One of the things I read most about on Twitter and Facebook is the [...]

Are Blog Conferences Worth The Time & Money?

The Blogging Mavens

Tweet The following post was written as part of The Blogging Mavens blog series – it isn’t part of Blog Conference Newbie Guide’s Sponsorship 101 series (more posts to come w/that though!). Head to A Closet Writer to see the series in its entirety. I was honored to be asked by Christina to be part [...]

Guest Post: Preparing for a Blogging Conference That’s “Different”


Tweet By Patti Londre By now, many bloggers have made the trek to attend a conference. The tweets about what to wear and which camera equipment to lug, laptop pros and cons go wild a few weeks leading up to each conference. But trends are also happening where blogger conferences aren’t just held in hotels [...]

Laptops at a Conference: Yes or No

Tweet So here’s a question that at first may seem to only have one logical answer: Should you bring your laptop to blogging conferences? I know. These are blogging and social media conferences, so isn’t the whole point to be as connected to technology as possible while at the conference? I have to admit, it’s [...]

Guest Post: Eating Healthy at Blogging Conferences


Tweet By Andrea Attending a blogging conference, or any day-long event for that matter, can be an exercise in poor eating.  Travel, coupled with being in an unfamiliar place with limited free time and limited resources (such as transportation and storage), provides significant obstacles to eating healthy.  During your trip you’re often at the mercy [...]

Why Twitter Is Helpful When Preparing For Blog Conferences

Tweet If you have a blog and are planning on attending a blog conference, you obviously understand what social media is. But just because you have a blog doesn’t mean that you are into all aspects of social media, specifically Twitter. Many bloggers have never even visited Twitter and just as many bloggers have a [...]

BlogHer 2010 Recap Posts

BlogHer 2010

Tweet BlogHer 2010 is over, but lack of sleep + tons of fun = fun recap posts! If you’ve written a post-Blogher post or have a link to tons of pictures from the conference, link up here. Those who are contemplating about buying their BlogHer 2011 ticket will be able to head over to your [...]

Blog Conference “Essentials Not To Forget” Checklist

Tweet We’re all busy. Busy with our offline lives, managing our blogs, and of course, prepping for blog & social media conferences like BlogHer which is within reach now. So this post will be a simple one, but one filled with tons of information. Below is a list of items many overlook or forget in [...]

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