November 7, 2012

Interview with Bloggy Boot Camp Founder Tiffany

Tiffany - Founder of Bloggy Boot Camp

1. What is one of the biggest benefits you’ve seen attendees get from coming to a one-day conference event like Bloggy Boot Camp? Besides the obvious benefits of lower costs, and less time away from family, we’ve found that the shorter time frames results in us using our time wisely and packing in the best [...]

Wine Bloggers Conference 2011

Wine Bloggers Conference

Vino. Wine. Yum! Have you heard about this one? It’s the Wine Bloggers Conference and it’s where new media meets wine. Happening July 22-24th, 2011 in Virginia, you’ll be learning, networking, and of course, tasting. Wines from various regions will be present for your tasting pleasure. Maybe this is a niche you never thought of. [...]

Beer Bloggers Conference

Beer Bloggers Conference Logo

Yes folks, that’s right. There is actually a conference for beer lovers who blog! But if you’re thinking that the Beer Bloggers Conference is only about beer and people’s passion for it, think again. Conference coordinators have tapped into local technology expertise and have representatives from Lijit and Blog Frog speaking. In addition, there will [...]

Altitude Summit: Design and Blogging

Altitude Design Summit 2011 Logo

I love that there have been blog conferences geared toward specific niches popping up all over the place this year, giving bloggers even more choices when choosing a conference that suits them. But remember; even if you aren’t a niche blogger, you can still attend these conferences as you’ll still learn about blogging and social [...]

I_Blog Conference: Midwest Appreciation

I_Blog Conference

Those living in the Midwest are used to hearing phrases like “it’s so flat” and “it’s just corn and cows.” But with new blog and social media conferences popping up all over America’s heartland, those stereotypes are being challenged. Insert I_Blog Conference! A play on words? Yep. A great place to learn about blogging, social [...]

International Food Bloggers Conference: Noshing & Learning

International Food Bloggers Conference

Do you enjoy food, writing, and technology? Feel that you are gifted in the kitchen and want to share tips with others on your blog? Then you need to know about the International Food Bloggers Conference happening August 27-29th in Seattle. At this conference, you’ll learn how to melt all your passions into one beautiful [...]

Travel Bloggers Show: Pack Yours Bags!

Travel Blogger Show

Niche blogging conferences are popping up left and right. For every topic or specific area of blogging, there is a conference geared towards it. For the travel bloggers (or those who enjoy talking travel), The Travel Bloggers Show is your conference! Held in Orlando on September 11-12th as part of The Trade Show: Travel Retail [...]

SOBCon Colorado 2010: Where The Virtual Meets The Concrete


When someone calls you a SOB offline, you’d rightfully get defensive and start fuming. But in the world of blogging, being called a SOB is a complement, especially when it comes from SOBCon co-coordinator Liz Strauss as it stands for “Successful and Outstanding Blogger.” (I should know; I’ve been given the SOB award). SOBCon is [...]

Blog Indiana: Spotlight and Ticket Giveaway!

Blog Indiana

Believe it or not, there’s more to the Midwest than cornfields, cows, and the flatlands. The Midwest is kickin’ with blogging and social media just like the East and West coasts. One of the conferences representing the Midwest is Blog Indiana and it’s sure to be a fabulous experience. With the first conference taking place [...]

Lavish!: The UnConference Experience

Lavish Unconference

Are you a “lifestyle social networker?” Do you have a love for Twitter, Facebook, and all things social media? Or do you adore fashion & beauty, food & wine, creative arts, travel or lifestyle-centric topics in general? If you answered yes to any of the above, then you need to check out this new conference: [...]

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