February 9, 2014

Sponsorship 101: Promoting Your Sponsor Appropriately At Blog Conferences

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Tweet The second post in this “Sponsorship 101″ series on Blog Conference Newbie Guide delves into how to promote your brand at blog conferences while still adhering to personal sponsorship guidelines. (If you missed the first post in the series, go back and read Sponsorship 101: How To Get A Sponsor) “I’ve read the personal [...]

Sponsorship 101: How To Get A Sponsor

Tweet As we gear up for 2011 blog and social media conference season which is approaching almost as fast as the holidays are, the topic of gaining conference sponsorship continually pops up. Earlier this year, Blog Conference Newbie Guide published various posts on the topic of conference sponsorship: Personal Sponsorship Guidelines What Companies Want in [...]

How to Effectively Network Before, During & After Conferences

Tweet By Kay Lynn Akers Many bloggers are shy and worried about attending their first blogging conference. The stress reminds me a lot of being the new kid at school. I felt that way when I signed up for the Savvy Blogging Summit last spring and learned a lot about networking in the blogging world. [...]

This Blogger’s Perspective on Sponsorship

As a marketer and a blogger myself, I recently spoke with a fellow mom blogger who couldn’t afford to attend an upcoming conference. When I suggested she approach a brand about sponsoring her, she admitted that not only did she not know where to start, she was afraid to even ask.

What Do Companies Want in a Sponsorship Pitch?

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Always wondered what a company wants to see in a conference sponsorship pitch? Read what the Director of Marketing Communications for SCI Child had to say about this topic, plus an overview of what to include in your letter.

Personal Conference Sponsorship Guidelines

Something you need to think about as you are writing your pitch is how you plan to promote the brand. Below are links to conference-specific personal sponsorship guidelines. Not every conference has their guidelines posted, but I can assure you that almost every conference (and probably all of them) DO have guidelines about this.

Casual Blogger Conference: Making Your Blog Work For You


Think of it this way: Nordstroms, Marshall Fields and Macy’s are all excellent stores. And so is Target. We are the Target of blogging conferences. Everyone loves Target and everyone will love us!

Creating a Media Kit


I have received so many emails recently asking how to secure sponsorship for conferences. But before we address what you should do to approach companies, I’d like talk about why having a media kit is an important part of crafting your pitch.

Myth vs. Reality at Conferences

Since starting Blog Conference Newbie, I’ve been talking to many newer bloggers and new blog conference attendees about their fears, concerns, and expectations about conferences. Just like with anything in life, when we are doing something new, our nerves take over and our imaginations become a roadblock.

How Did I Get a Sponsor?!

I’m a pretty small-time blogger, but I love it. I watched as some of my blog idols tweeted about their fabulous time at Blissdom. Sounded amazing, but probably not for someone like me, I thought. Then I heard about Relevant – a conference for Christian women bloggers.

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