April 29, 2014

Guest Post by DadaRocks: Dad Blogger POV

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Tweet The following is a previously published post by @DadaRocks. He has graciously given permission to republish it here to express his thoughts on being a “dad” blogger in a predominently female industry and at a blogging conference. Enjoy! Daddy Stands Out In a Crowd I wasn’t really going to write about BlogHer here too [...]

Are Blog Conferences Worth The Time & Money?

The Blogging Mavens

Tweet The following post was written as part of The Blogging Mavens blog series – it isn’t part of Blog Conference Newbie Guide’s Sponsorship 101 series (more posts to come w/that though!). Head to A Closet Writer to see the series in its entirety. I was honored to be asked by Christina to be part [...]

Guest Post: Preparing for a Blogging Conference That’s “Different”


Tweet By Patti Londre By now, many bloggers have made the trek to attend a conference. The tweets about what to wear and which camera equipment to lug, laptop pros and cons go wild a few weeks leading up to each conference. But trends are also happening where blogger conferences aren’t just held in hotels [...]

BlogHer 2010 Recap Posts

BlogHer 2010

Tweet BlogHer 2010 is over, but lack of sleep + tons of fun = fun recap posts! If you’ve written a post-Blogher post or have a link to tons of pictures from the conference, link up here. Those who are contemplating about buying their BlogHer 2011 ticket will be able to head over to your [...]

BlogHer Posts From YOU: Tips, Guides, & Fun!

Tweet BlogHer is within reach. Less than a week away now (like I need to tell you all  that!) The #BlogHer10 Twitter stream is buzzing with pre-BlogHer posts, filled with tips, insights, and even anxiety. With so many posts and such limited time, I am listing some posts I recommend reading as you prepare for [...]

Guest Post: The Wallflower

She walks in to the room, glancing nervously around, trying to find her place. Women are everywhere and noise is crashing through the room in waves. Laughter, excited voices, smiles, hugs with new and old friends.

Thoughts run through her mind one after another, gaining momentum until she is almost in tears…

What am I doing here?

Am I Doing The Wrong Things On My Blog?

Lots of helpful information and advice were shared during the conference. But, as the day went on, I began to hear the speakers in terms of a big list of do’s and don’ts. And, I started to panic. Because, I don’t do all the “right” things on my blog; I do some of the “wrong” things.

Don’t Sell Yourself Short

When asked about my blog, I would shrug the question off and say something like “Well, I don’t really have any readers,” or “I’m probably the smallest blog at this conference.” I realized once I got home and began reading other peoples’ re-cap posts that I had consistently sold myself short—to myself, to other bloggers, to companies and PR professionals in attendance. So here’s my advice to YOU!

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