April 19, 2014

BlogHer 2010 Recap Posts

BlogHer 2010

Photo from www.BlogHer.com

BlogHer 2010 is over, but lack of sleep + tons of fun = fun recap posts!

If you’ve written a post-Blogher post or have a link to tons of pictures from the conference, link up here.

Those who are contemplating about buying their BlogHer 2011 ticket will be able to head over to your blog to read your thoughts and insights. And those who attended BlogHer 2010 will be able to reminisce with you.

Looking forward to reading your posts! And feel free to come chat in the BlogHer 2010 forum section also.


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  1. Molly says:

    Not sure mine is really a fun recap post. But wanted to share it all the same.

    • UnexperiencedMom says:

      Anything you write is fun, are you kidding?! ;-) And even if you don’t think it’s fun, any insight into the conference is going to be so valuable to those who’ve never attended. Thanks Molly! Glad you had a good time….

  2. I finally wrote my BlogHer 2010 Recap, with tons of cool pictures. Take a look!

    Dagmar’s BlogHer 2010 Recap



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