February 9, 2014

Blog Conference Footwear – An Earth Shoes Review

Blog conferences can be a lot of fun, and nothing dampens that like sore feet or coming home with blisters. So, when I started looking for shoes to wear to BlissDom this year I forced myself to think flat or wedge and to say no to hazardous heels. This is hard for me, because I like having a little added height.

Enter Earth Shoes
I’ve been wanting to try Earth Shoes for a very long time. I have majorly flat feet which causes me to have a lot of foot and back pain, and, I have longer second toes, so I usually have a hard time finding good shoes. Earth Shoes are known for being comfortable and good for your feet, but I had always shied away from purchasing because they seem a bit pricey and I can’t find them in stores to try before I buy. I have no problem paying for something I love, but to pay that much and not know if I like them? Well, this is one place where having the opportunity to review something really helps.

The new Earth® features a cushioned footbed for all day comfort, with:

a.  A padded heel area to displace shock
b.  A reinforced arch support to stabilize foot
c.  A multi-density latex cushioning layer for extra support
d.  See illustration here

Also? The Spring/Summer 2012 Earth® Collection is all under $100! Prices range from $79-$99 – and is made of real leather.

Me? I’m sold!
For this review campaign I wasn’t able to actually choose which pair to review, but it worked out really cool that the pair Earth Shoes sent me was 1) Open Toed (fabulous for my long second toes) and 2) The Color I Would Have Chosen. I was sent the Jacaranda from the Breezes Collection. The first thing I did was pull them out of the box and put them on. I wore them for 2 days straight, even tho they are a little big on me. They are very comfy except for a slight slipping around (I’ll exchange for a smaller size real soon!) and I enjoy having the extra height that a wider heel provides, without sacrificing comfort. I also love that I can wear the Jacaranda with jeans or a skirt! The laser cut upper is just really delicate and I love it! Even the bottoms of the soles are beautiful. The only reason I didn’t wear them to BlissDom is they are a tad too big and I didn’t want to end up walking several miles in them and have blisters later…

Here are a few spring and summer fashion ideas featuring the Jacaranda and one with my personal favorite, The Saffron:

Would I purchase a pair of Earth Shoes?
You bet. I’m already trying to decide which pair I want for spring. I’m leaning towards The Saffron. What do you think?

Would they be great for a conference?
Absolutely! Earth Shoes pays a lot of attention to comfort. They are worth every penny!

Contemporary designs. Contemporary comfort. Everyday value.
It’s Earth®. A modern collection of dress casual footwear, grounded in the ideals of promoting a healthy lifestyle. From dress styles and wedges, to casual styles, to everything inbetween, new Earth® styles deliver remarkably against their value with a comfort footbed that delivers wellness into every step.

Earth®. Step Into Wellness!

Want to win a spa getaway?
Join Earth Shoe’s Inner Circle and be entered to win a Trip to a Special Place on Earth!

Then head over to Earth Shoes’s Facebook page and ‘like’ them so you don’t miss any deals or new styles!

More conference fashion ideas…
Conference Fashion for Nursing Moms

I was compensated by Global Influence as part of a Bookieboo LLC campaign w/ Earth Footwear.

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  1. oooooh! I looked all through their site, need a pair of summer sandals that feel and look good to replace my fugly Birkenstocks! I looked at Earth shoes before but without trying them on I balked. I wonder if now is the time to try Zappos? Are they there? I will have to look. THANKS!

  2. May have to trade in my Keens (that I swear by for comfort) both shoes and sandals for a pair of these. They are so pretty! Never would have thought I’d describe Earth Shoes as pretty! Would love to review these for brides! Maybe I’ll just go order myself a pair! You can never have too many pairs of shoes (or so I explain to my husband!)

    • So true. They’ve come out with some really pretty collections the past two years and I love them.

      I’m still wearing my Penchants every single day. They’ve held up so well and are so comfy. I want them in other colors now too!

      Of yes, and I get complements on them a lot!

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