March 2, 2015

TypeAParent Conference Recap Links #typeacon


Tweet If you weren’t able to go to TypeAParent Conference this weekend do not dispair. You will be able to access all of these amazing recaps and session notes that I’m gathering up for you that these amazing bloggers have compiled for you. Crafting a Book Proposal by Ellen Gerstein and Amy Fandrei – This [...]

BlogHop Blog Conference At Home

Tweet Missing out on BlogHer ’11? Don’t worry – you won’t miss out on ALL the fun – we have a treat for you today because Blog Conference Newbie is coordinating with some amazing bloggers, vloggers, writers and women knowledable in social media to bring you some fabulous conference sessions. Right from home! We’re calling [...]

Type-A Parent Conference Ticket and Welcome Pack Giveaway

Tweet Blog Conference Newbie Guide would first like to thank the generous (and awesome) seriesĀ  sponsors and conference coordinators who are showing support of this series by providing fabulous items for the winners. Secondly, an important note about this series: despite the name, it’s not just for newbie attendees. With that said, let’s get this [...]

Interview with Bloggy Boot Camp Founder Tiffany

Tiffany - Founder of Bloggy Boot Camp

Tweet 1. What is one of the biggest benefits you’ve seen attendees get from coming to a one-day conference event like Bloggy Boot Camp? Besides the obvious benefits of lower costs, and less time away from family, we’ve found that the shorter time frames results in us using our time wisely and packing in the [...]

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