November 7, 2012

Announcing BlogWorld & New Media Expo “East” in NYC

If you haven’t already heard BlogWorld Expo’s recent announcement, here it is: BlogWorld & New Media Expo NYC (aka BlogWorld East) According to BlogWorld Expo coordinators, they created this event after receiving feedback from many people hoping to see the event make an appearance on the east coast. “BlogWorld East” is set to take place [...]

Blog Conference Updates – Many Early Bird Rates Ending

As always, Blog Conference Newbie Guide wants to make sure to keep you up to date on the newest developments and dates to know in the conference world. Here’s this week’s lists of info to know. Blog Conference News Stay on top of the latest news or developments in the blog conference world: #Fashion140 is [...]

Guest Post: Niche Blogging

By April Niche blogging is the new “black,” or haven’t you heard?  Every time I click my mouse, a new blog pops up, each offering something new, but not always fresh.  That’s the point of niche blogging, though {in my oh-so-humble opinion}.  Every blogger is looking for a way to stand out, but still fit [...]

Breaking News – Blissdom At Home

Were you one of the people bummed that you couldn’t make it to Blissdom 2011 (like me!)? Did you go, but spend part of the conference in your room nursing a baby (or cold) and therefore missed a session or two? Did you have a hard time choosing which track to attend and wished you [...]

Blog Conference Updates: Need A Sponsor?

Below are some important conference updates and happenings! Type-A Parent Conference’s Sponsor-Matching Program Type-A Parent is attempting to help attendees get connected with potential sponsors. By filling out the quick survey, your name will be added to the confidential list of bloggers seeking sponsorships, which will then be shared with brands looking to sponsor people. [...]

Guest Post: The Blogging Gold Rush

By Denise Hundreds of thousands of people migrated to California during the Gold Rush of the mid 19th century in hopes of striking it rich.  While a number of those people did strike gold, in reality it was the people who were selling them the pans and helping them stake their claims that made the [...]

Seen Recent Additions to 2011 Blog Conference List?

Since there are so many well-known blog conferences that are already well-established, it’s easy to forget that there are always new blog conferences and events coming onto the scene. Like we mentioned in the niche blog conference post last week, many newer events are tending to be focused on specific blogging genres. But there are [...]

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Is 2011 The Year of Niche Blog Conferences?

I’ve only been blogging for about a year and a half now, but I’ve seen a shift in the world of blogging already. Maybe it’s because I’m paying more attention or maybe it’s because people are showing more interest in it, but the topic of “niches” within blogging has become a buzzing subject. The Webster’s [...]

Guest Post: Tips For Conference Newbies From A Former Newbie

By Sara My blog, Saving For Someday, went live January 2nd, 2010. I’d been out of blogging for a few years, and in that time a lot of things changed. Including blogging. A week after launching my blog I bought a ticket to Blissdom ’10. Two weeks later I was landing in Nashville. I didn’t [...]

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